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JE piston set 4cyl 20vt 20mm 86.40mm 9:1cr

Price: €837,00

4 JE forged pistons including rings,pins,clips for vw-Audi-Seat-Skoda 1.8t 20v engines

For standard 86.40mm stroke and standard 220mm block

9:1 compression,standard 20mm pin with decent quality

PS JE normally deliver these pistons with 5 valve pockets (look at picture)

There is no Turbocam on the market (that i know of) with enough lift @ TDC that you will ever need those 2 pockets for the exhaust atleast

And you need a SERIOUS high lift intake camshaft to be able to need all 3 pockets for the intake valves aswell

Standard pistons got 1 valve pocket for center intake valve,and that is how i usually deliver the pistons

Unneccesary pockets will just disturb the combustion process and cause hot spots which again can cause detonation and/or cracks in the piston

Let me know how many valve pockets you want when ordering

If uncertain,just let me know

81mm are standard bore,but it is not a good idea to use JE pistons in a standard worn cylinder

Choose size from the menu

PS with bigger bore than 82.50mm you must use this headgasket

This set is normally not in stock 4-5 weeks delivery

H-beam rods in 144mm length with 20mm pin is found in the menu




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