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JE custom pistons all engines

Price: €0,00

Custom pistons for VAG (and other engines aswell) can be arranged

All kind of bore diameter,height.compression ratio,valve pockets,symmetrical and assymetrical FSR forgings and much much more

PS custom pistons will not be possible to return

Pricing will vary ALOT depending on different options

Price difference can be several hundred Euro for a single set depending on options

You can read about some of the available options her

Normal delivery time is 4-5 weeks,don't be fooled by others who claim a much shorter delivery date

There is several different "rush order options" which makes it possible to make the pistons faster

If you want coatings,there will always be atleast 2 weeks extra,there is no "rush order option" on coatings

There are several things that SHOULD be done before ordering pistons

For example measure the block height(distance between main bearing center and head gasket surface

This distance will ALWAYS vary some,especcially if the block has been decked or linebored

This measurement can be tricky to find on a V engine though

Take into account if you are going to deck the block or not,if the deck surface is in a bad shape,then deck the block BEFORE you measure final height

Furthermore,it is smart to buy the headgasket you plan to use and measure the actual thickness on this particular gasket

On MLS (steelgasket) you can just measure on the edge of the gasket since the steel will not be compressed much after installation

On fibergaskets you can measure the old gasket,and just hope the new one has the same thickness as the old one after it is compressed

You should also measure the head cc,and this should be done AFTER you have installed the valves you plan to use and after all port work/bowl work is completed

And AFTER the head is decked of course

Depending on rod and block material,with good steel rods the piston to head clearance should not be much less than 1mm,and not much more either for optimal squish

Clearance between piston and valve should not be less than 1.5mm in any piston position

Often you want more than 1.5mm to be able to play with cam timing

Not always the easiest to find the valve pocket depth you need,but with some creative thinking much is done

If you plan to ceramic coat the piston top,you need to find out EXACT valve pocket sizes and depth

After the coating is added,it is too late to change the valve pockets

You should absolutely not use new custom pistons in a used cylinder because:

The topring is most of the time located in a higher position with custom pistons and if there is a ever so slight edge there,the ring WILL be damaged after a short while

Furthermore,i strongly suggest that the cylinders are being stresshoned for better ring seal and for perfect piston to wall clearance

Stresshoning is not done from factory

If the cylinders has seen a failure of some kind,or are in general bad shape

You need to take a decision on how big bore diameter you need,if there is deep marks the block can be damaged and must be replaced.

Also remeber that most engines has limits when it comes to head gasket bore diameter also

It does NOT work with a headgasket lip hanging into the cylinder,it WILL start to glow and cause detonation issues and turn your expensive engine into junk in seconds

So,just another reason to buy the headgasket FIRST

So again,a minimum check list before you should order custom pistons:



Is the rod guided by the piston or the crank

Small end width (especcially for piston guided rods)

Small end radius (from center of pin to the top of the rod)

Wristpin diameter

Half crankshaft stroke

Headgasket diameter and thickness in compressed condition

Cylinder bore diameter

Volume in combustion chamber

Desired compression ratio

Info about valve pockets and diameters

Furthermore i need to know what type of engine this is

What is the purpose of the engine: drag,circle racing,street and so on

And what environment will this engine see,extreme heat,extreme cold,boat engine......

What kind of fuel and estimated power rating

If you study all the info needed to make GOOD pistons for YOUR needs,you will find that it can be a really bad idea to hunt for the cheapest piston set on Ebay and other places.

I can tell numerous stories about people who spend big money on an engine

And for some weird reason use the cheapest piston set they could find,on the most important part inside the engine

Ending up blowing up the whole engine

A piston failure can cause enormous damages,rods,crank,block,head,Turbocharger,oilpump just about everything gets damaged beyond repair

And it will also be much easier to understand why i can't just find a price out of a single question "how much is a set of pistons for my car" without any further info

I gladly assist any tech questions for an piston order like this

For ordering,plese email me as much info as you can

Matching rods can be found in my webshop,if not i can maybe custom order them aswell




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