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138×17 Polo H-beam rod set

Price: €450,00

4 rods in H-beam design which comes ready weight adjusted

8 pcs 5/16 ARP 2000 rodbolts and ARP assembly lube and instructions

138mm long 17mm pin

Fits several "small block" VAG engines for examplel Polo 1.6-16v 125hp enginecode AJV-ARC-AVY

PS these rods has a 20mm WIDE  smallend and big end because the piston guides the rod

Some 1.6 engines has the rod guided by the crankshaft,so check this first

These rods are also for the BIG rod journal (47.75mm)

Many customers from Austri and Germany use these rods in Bergrennen

Other customers have used these in Turboconverted engines also

I can arrange pistons for these engines aswell

Uses these rodbearings

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