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Audi 5cyl 2.5TDI EKAgrip crankshaft frictionshim

Price: €21,00

A familiar problem with the Audi 5 cyl are broken lower timing belt gears

The main reason is often faulty installation

But the woodruf key alone is not designed to deal with all the forces by itself either,especcially not with high rpm and stiffer valvesprings

Frontpulley is supposed to stay in place by the friction between the crank nose and the pulley

And with this shim the friction can be up to 300% higher than without the shim

The shim is just 0.1mm thick so there is no misalignments either

Her you can read more about Ekagrip technology

This shim fits all 5 cyl 2.4D and 2.5TDI

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