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Below you will find some random dyno sheets from engines i have built or engines i have supplied parts for


2liter AEB Motec M84 pump gas Precision 5558

8:1cr run on engine dyno



My Audi A4 Quattro

1.8t 06A block-Diesel crank-82.50mm 9:1 cr-GT3071R-98octan-SM4 Autronic

Compression was too high for ordinary gasoline and too much backpressure due to crappy exhaust manifold.

Run on an engine dyno

A4 dyno

My S4 2.7t AGB

3liter crank-83mm JE FSR assymetric (which some People claims is not possible to use in such an engine) 9,5:1 cr-ported S4 heads and intake-modied RS6 4.2 Turbo’s-RS4 cams-E85-SM4 Autronic

Run on engine dyno

v6 dyno

Marius and Patrick’s Audi A4 “everlasting machine”

This engine i supplied all internals for,and it’s an AEB Block with 2 liter crank

They want to keep the details”top secret” but the result was really impressive,and the engine has survived several years of torture summer and winter

Run on engine dyno





This is one of the engine used in the car on the frontpage 2.2liter 5cyl 20v SM4

Internals supplied from me

Run on engine dyno

Skoda 006

Not much of a dyno sheet,but this is”Pekka’s” 2.5 Audi 5cyl dynoed at VS Motor

1108hk 1126nm without any NOS

Internals supplied from me

This is probably one of the best test mules for my connecting rods (maybe except for the one below)



2liter 16v ABF Turbo,this was one of my first customers who bought 159mm connecting rods back in 2005

I don’t remember the Power output,but detonation split the block

Conrods were still intact

16v blokk


My 1.9TDI PD-81.50mm bore -Firad 80%-NPS portet head-37/33mm valves-I-beam rods-GTB2260vk++ misc

306hk 570nm VVT custom software,over 500nm from 2600-4300rpm (it’s ok to have 4wd then)

Numbers are engine HP

passat dyno 306

A4 B5 Quattro 2.0 GT2871 Motronic wheeldyno


Audi 2.5 20vt E85 SM4