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About Rosten Performance

The webpage was launched in year 2006

Back then as now i focus mainly on engine parts for VAG and mainly tuningparts

That is why you won’t find as many parts “outside” of the engine on this webpage

From 2006 until present approx 90% of the tuningparts i supply are Exported to Countries outside Norway,mostly North America,Germany and Eastern Europe

Most of the parts i sell here are products i have tested out myself,or on engines i have built for customers

Many serious high powered engine builds worldwide runs with engine parts supplied from me

This company is a “one man show” and that is quite allright for the customer since he only has to deal with one person.

The customer won’t get the usual “run around” here,where the other employee blame the other and so on

Personally i have been working with VAG cars since 1991 and got plenty of experience with these product

Got lots of experience from racing on different levels aswell

Engines and especially race engines has always been my passion

joe bar